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[28 Jun 2009|05:01pm]
So, I'm going to be really girly and talk about this one:

I have wanted one of these takashi murakami bags FOR EVER, even though it's got louis vuitton logos all over it.
I am insanely into horrible metallic things lately, and colors that are really bad on me.

my mom got me that rust colored cardigan, but I have to wait for my birthday to use it. I want to wear it with hot pink and gold leaf silk.

AND THOSE SNEAKERS. Can we talk about this? you can't get them anywhere and it's horrible. I love nike hi-tops.
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[23 Jun 2009|06:40pm]
it's not like I'm so busy I can't post or anything. I just never do.

Last night I had a half-baked cookie and listened to the Star Wars disco record with Joey and Meghann and Jackson.

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[19 Jun 2009|06:47pm]
it's been so long since I made one of these

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[25 Apr 2009|04:43pm]
My brain is going so fast! Do yourselves a favor and read these blogs:


and of course

also, Beci Orpin (Princess Tina), one of my favorite illustrators/designers started finally blogging.

and do some of these things:
Eat at Bai Thong and The B-Line -- incredible
Plant a tiny herb garden
Wear one crazy bright unexpected color a day
Drawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and design and create something. DO IT NOW!
Cook for yourself
get offline
read short stories, challenge yourself
sew it yourself. It's not scary!
Set aside some time to do something wonderful.
clean out your closet. Have you worn it in a year? donate it; you probably never will.
have a handsome and amazing husband, oh wait. sorry, he's taken.
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[23 Jan 2009|04:53pm]
multigl: burger performing arts center?
[4:49pm] nikkib1: yupz
[4:49pm] multigl: sounds delicious
[4:49pm] nikkib1: berger
[4:50pm] multigl: doesn't sound nearly as delicious
[4:50pm] nikkib1: o___________o
[4:52pm] nikkib1: welp
[4:52pm] multigl: welp
[4:52pm] nikkib1: STAY OUT OF THE WELPS
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hibye [21 Jan 2009|06:57pm]

also, I don't have a car anymore.
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today at Tiggy's [22 Dec 2008|09:11pm]
There was a man looking for a gift for a 13 year old boy.

I showed him one of our science kits.

Me: "this milestones in science kit is really awesome. It has different experiments from all throughout history."

him: "milestones in silence? I mean science? wait, what'd I just say?"

me: "can we talk about how boring that kit would be? the box would be completely empty."

him: "yeah. Milestones in silence. what can you tell me about it?"

me: "..." the wind blows by.

The toy store is crazy this time of year. I wish I could hug the store, and hug all of you.
I probably won't post again before the end of the year, so Merry and Happy and Cozy everything!
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[28 Nov 2008|09:53am]
sometimes I can't help but be a tattle tale and I hate it.

I like to think I'm a pretty classy lady [12 Nov 2008|11:55pm]
because tonight I spent time playing Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas on my baby blue ukulele.

I ate too much dairy today so I'm waiting for a night of really vivid and terrifying dreams.

I need to brush my teeth.
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[03 Nov 2008|12:05pm]
This is wonderful:

Today I'm making a book, baking banana bread and doing laundry.
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[01 Nov 2008|01:14am]

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Nuhmbah two [03 Oct 2008|08:32am]
For those of you who don't know (care), I work at a very wee and very magical/wonderful/excellent locally owned and operated toy store. Sometimes we do some neat events, and they are always very heavily influenced by the staff (which is also pretty small). One of the things that I most enjoy are our plays, which have morphed into mostly puppet shows. We work in socks sometimes, but last time we decided to delve into the world of shadow puppetry for our rendition of Tiki Tiki Tembo.

That's Cameron there, narrating, and I'm one of the puppeteers (on the left side of the screen). I drew all the puppets, Kyle cut them out, and we both assembled them. The three of us brainstormed on the story. Here's hoping Kyle posts parts 2 and 3 within the next day or so.

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dork dork dork [03 Oct 2008|08:21am]
I was invited to try my luck in a bloggy post-off this month and so far I'm about 300 entries behind anybody else. I'm hoping there's a special prize for the person with the least posts... I'll be scraping by.

Has anyone seen the screenshots for the new Animal Crossing on Wii? They pretty much look like every other AC, but since I hardly ever play on my Wii, I feel like I should actually get a game I love. Hopefully the Wii will utilize voice (the communication part of AC:WW was a giant pain.), and I secretly hope that that rumor I heard about designing your own furniture like, last year was actually true. Check out the Kotaku: http://kotaku.com/5058437/new-animal-crossing-wii-screens

Looks the same, right? Also, what an ugly neighbor bunny.

I went into EB the other day (gamestop?) and found out that the release date is in November. Mitch asked me if I wanted to put $5 down, and I told him I didn't know if I wanted to throw my life away yet. At least the DS version is portable.
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[30 Sep 2008|08:03pm]

I am reading many books and drawing many drawings.
My life is saturated with other people's smart parts. These weeks have been full and wonderful.

I also started doing bento again
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[20 Sep 2008|12:10am]
I'm taking an African dance class and I can't stop moving all the time, even though my left buttcheek is on fire and my big toe is one giant blister. It's just too good!
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[08 Sep 2008|08:14pm]
HELLO! You may not remember me. My name is Nikki, and I'm on your friend list for one reason or another. I haven't posted anything in a very long while. Please allow me to briefly state the things that are currently making my heart sing, followed by the things that make it cry out in agony:

♥ My classes are great, especially after I stood up for myself in printmaking.
♥ Pulling a real bleed print today~~
♥ Juggling at work.
♥ Learning about Shintoism.
♥ club soda with lime and lemon.
♥ shh... Sarah Palin.
♥ The show went well. I love Natasha and Patrick.
♥ My Bicycle (still needs a name).
♥ Ukulele Ghibli!
♥ Shadow puppetry.
♥ ♥ Joey has a new camera. Excellent photo safari yesterday.

- - - Missing James and Adri's wedding. I feel horrible about it, and I really wish I could have been there.
- I gave myself a stupid hair cut.

And now, a neat photo:

Aren't you glad we're friends? Me too.

For more consistent updates, find me en twitter: http://twitter.com/brokenmolar
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Let me tell you about my boat. [09 Aug 2008|10:37pm]


PLEASE COME! Even if it's not to the show opening, it would mean the world to all of us if you came to look!

We've all worked really hard on this for months.
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[31 Jul 2008|11:38pm]
I'm actually going to make a real entry when there's daylight.

I want to fall asleep but all I can see are juggling balls colliding mid-air. I hate that!
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[17 Jun 2008|07:12pm]
I am apparently being challenged to a blog-off or something, so I figured I could at least muster two June entries.

We just got back from North Dakota ("that one Dakota," says Alana), and the trip was fun and weird and sad but hilarious. Joey has a really great family, with cute grandparents, funny uncles, loving parents, and ridiculous siblings. Lucky him, lucky me.

here are some photos of some stuff.Collapse )
It was 9:30 pm when this photo was taken... and it was also very cold and windy.
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[02 Jun 2008|09:00pm]
Jason does this at this speed irl. No kidding!

-----thigh pain
+less barf on my car
+savings bonds
+sweet apple chicken sausage

I have a new playlist called "if I were a boy" that has things like Iron & Wine and Massive Attack and Sufjan on it. I would be a sensitive boy. Have you ever asked your parents what your name would have been if you were the opposite sex? I would have been a David.
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